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50 Bulls

Roma Saleyards
12 August at 11am

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Lot 1 Riverglen P3006
Lot 2 Riverglen P2963 (P)
Lot 3 Riverglen P2828 PS
Lot 4 Riverglen P2890
Lot 11 Riverglen 2956 P
Lot 12 Riverglen P2986
Lot 27 Riverglen P2837
Lot 41 Riverglen P2906 P

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Champ grassfed carcass 2018
Riverglen claiming 2018 Champion & Res Champion Grass Fed Carcas

Grassdale steer
2019 RNA Paddock to Palate Riverglen steer ADG 2.7kg/day

Riverglen is both a commercial and stud enterprise, operating on 5686ha of Brigalow/Belah/Box country near Glenmorgan, Qld. David and Penny Sullivan work and manage Riverglen with the assistance of Michael Sullivan.

John and Lenore Sullivan, David and Michael’s parents, visited Les Halles Meat Market, Paris in 1965 and were impressed by the high meat yield from Charolais and Charolais cross carcases.

The Riverglen Charolais breeding program began with an AI program in 1971 and resulted in 98 first cross calves being born to Santa Gertrudis, Hereford and crossbred cows. Large AI programs were run for several years and purebred bulls purchased in 1973.

The first Riverglen purebred calves were born in 1978. The Riverglen herd now consists of approximately 400 purebred breeders. We continue to crossbreed Riverglen Charolais bulls with Santa Gertrudis / Hereford cross cows to produce prime steers.

Our objective has been to breed functional Charolais cattle that are highly fertile, easy calving, structurally sound, fast growing, easy finishing and meet market specifications. Years of careful sire selection and strict culling, has ensured real depth of breeding in the Riverglen herd.

Riverglen bulls have sired progeny in many herds that have topped the market as weaners, feed-on steers, replacement heifers and finished slaughter stock. Many of these Charolais cross cattle have been successfully exhibited in commercial shows and sales, prime cattle and carcase competitions.

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Riverglen wins 2017 RNA Pen of 6 Pasture fed steers, Carcase comp. John Sullivan memorial trophy.

Riverglen wins 2016 RNA Paddock to Palate overall

Charolais GROUP Breedplan is the genetic evaluation system currently adopted by the Charolais Society of Australia.

Breedplan is a modern genetic evaluation system for beef cattle which uses the world’s most advanced genetic evaluation system (based on Best Linear Unbiased Prediction (BLUP) technology) to produce Estimated Breeding Values (EBVs) of recorded cattle for a range of important production traits.

Breedplan EBVs take the guesswork out of selection decisions by providing beef producers with an objective assessment of an animal’s genetic potential. It offers the potential to accelerate genetic progress, tighten up breeding operations, improve productivity and increase prices for cattle sold for breeding and slaughter.

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